Right below me, Twisted, buckled
Pointing fingers through my face
Chewing on my screaming, crying
Plea for Jezebel's embrace
Down the stairs, I move, o'er looking
Selves of all I've been in thought
Kissing and seducing all these
Selves I wish tht I were not
Writhing like a piston, cold
As oil lubricates the path
Burning down the schitzophrenic
Self reflexive rapist's wrath
There with fire in m hands
I hurl it on the crowd below
Twins of faces, plus one other
Shocked and helpless call out, "No!
You cannot do this! " there in flames,
They smolder as the hemlock wood
As bones and sinews melt, I tell them
"It's all for the greater good."
And now a diety I stand
Before my judged and blackened kin
Save only one, a different hand
Was cleared of her new virgin skin.
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The Greater Good Lyrics

Thoushaltnot – The Greater Good Lyrics