Ah, yeah
Let me tell you a story

So I'm chilling nice at home, and suddenly goes my phone
The vibration with the beeping on it goes (Beep)
I scream "Leave me alone!" "What?" "I said leave me alone!
Girl don't you get it? I'm gone
Know what? You're wrong! "
I hung up, the flat tone it rings on and it's on
And it's good cause I should be alone on my own in the zone
With the beat playing on and my rhymes carry on till it's done
It's no fun with no space I just needed a break
So take yours, I'll take mine with no pause on the time
It's all good it unwinds like it should
Put your mind to it and baby, yep maybe you could
Make something of yourself, but quit bothering me
See I got problems to be honest, I ain't popular b
I just wanna be me, she say she wanna be free
I reply honestestly? Whoops wait meaning to say girl
Honestly, that's a mockery
I've had enough of your cheek
If you really wanna girl then just up and leave

(Girl I've had enough of your cheek)

And I'm talking all four of them
Fell of the wagon, got me pouring more and more again
But I ain't talking 'bout drinks, I'm talking lyrics
If you feel this please turn this here up
Until the pyramids in Egypt come crashing down
From the bass sounding so loud
That the ground will collapse, oh the track?
I'm going off topic again let it spin, bring it back
Where's my pen? Oh relax, it's right here in my hand
Like yours used to be, girl truthfully, this is all new to me
We were an item now you wanna check out
Girl all that shopping must have gone to your head
Already said it once baby I won't say it again
I just need to get away so don't play with my head I said,
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Up And Leave Lyrics

ThisisDA – Up And Leave Lyrics