Said she got a thing for the young King
That’s how I do it;
Speech fluent, move fluid, never losing
I stay movin’ like everyday, and no them can’t lock me down like Mr. Dufresne
Kinda lame see, she should rearrange my name to
“Thisisa” the way she’s after the D
I’m rapidly caught up with every trick I see
Patiently still waiting for the day I meet my queen
But will I know it when I do?
Or will I blow it tryna show I’m holding out for something new?
I doubt it if I do really give a damn at all
I’ll be damned if I don’tannotate
Catch 22, fool

That’s when she told me:
“D, all I wanna be’s independent. Parents round my neck like a pendant
They’ve been drivin’ me round the bend and that’s why every weekend I end up gettin' loose
Off the juice and the Grey Goose
You know how them bottles do
After a Ciroc or two I’m feelin’ unstoppable!”
Told her “Let go of the bottle, though”
“I don’t think so, never drink slow”
So she po’s it up-right
Another bottle tucked right between both thighs, I’m thinking this is her night
Plus she can’t stop
Watched her hand touch the lid anti-clockwise grip it off
I clocked right this ain’t soft or wise but, what can you do when she’s lost in a world of free will?
Where being real never made sense, or pence
I’m getting tense, she’s bent
So let the drinking commence
I sense it’s about to go down now!
In a pool full of liquor like
“Bae, watch how
I guzzle this down without holdin’ my breath!”
I’m holding mine, thinking fine, throw away what we kept
With the wind I stepped thinking, what should I do
‘Cos D, who goes through the same troubles as you?
Looked to the sky, to the Heaven’s above
Just a matter of time before they take the woman I love

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Unstoppable Lyrics

ThisisDA – Unstoppable Lyrics