I left you in Los Angeles with the rich kids and the traffic
Your fake friends you can have them, cause I don't want it anymore
You college kids are clueless, your lack of major proves it
Communication's useless, cause I don't want it anymore

You talk talk talk but you don't ever listen
The aftershock gets better with the distance
You fought so hard trying to get away
Just to come right back to me

You watched me like a sunset, a glow that fades in your head
The one last kiss then I said, I can't handle anymore
I just hope you don't hate me, some things are meant for breaking
Into pieces that are worth saving, I can't handle anymore

I broke you so I can't fix you
I'm starting over it's all I can do
You said love will always be a choice
And I've been losing it just like my voice
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College Kids Lyrics

This Wild Life – College Kids Lyrics

Songwriters: Kevin Jordan, Anthony William Del Grosso

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