[Verse 1]
I've never made much of a living
Despite living fast
I've never been in the best condition
I'm running out of gas
I've never been good at admitting
Mistakes in my past
I've never had a sense of direction
Until I met ya

Well hey hey Catie Rae
I met you on a summer day
And felt something I can't explain

[Verse 2]
You've always been just what I'm missin
But never ever knew
You've always earned just what you're given
Never handed to you
You'll always be my best decision
My one and only truth
You'll always be my heartbeat my rhythm
It's always been you

Well hey hey Catie Rae
We've lost some friends along the way
But we found love that's here to stay
Well hey hey Catie Rae
I swear there'll be a ring someday
But right now dreams don't really pay

[Instrumental Bridge]

Well hey hey Catie Rae
I missed our anniversary
But you still love me anyway
Well hey hey Catie Rae
You're sassier than shit today
But I still love you anyway
Yeah I still love you anyway
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Catie Rae Lyrics

This Wild Life – Catie Rae Lyrics

Songwriters: Kevin Jordan, Anthony William Del Grosso

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