While forever seems to take it's time
We're still standing here in line
Waiting for the sun to rise
As she looks on she's so confused
Her heart is lonely broken and bruised
A closed circle with no more room for one more
Screams "to hell with you"
What's wrong with this picture?
Did you
Ever stop to think a thief in the night
Has come to steal your loved ones?
Did you
Ever take the time to see the world
Around us is falling apart?
Eyes closed
We've all had our eyes closed
Our hands behind our back we run and hide
From everything that moves
From everything that might
Put out this little light of mine
Where did our hero go and who did he dine with?
We say the world's gonna end in the end anyway
And anyway, I'm ok so it doesn't concern me
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Certain Words In Uncertain Times Lyrics

This Providence – Certain Words In Uncertain Times Lyrics