They hold it all together as i stand back in envy
Is there a hurting heart behind that smile?
A world of hurting hearts
A few broken generations
"it's not safe, stay away from
Follow me's are everywhere
In a world that lacks commitment
You very quickly learn to justify your actions so follow the truth"
But it seems like they've got it all and all i have is you
They've got it all i have is you. wait
How can i entertain these thoughts of a life with out you?
I'm loosing my mind and with that the love of my life
I step out my door to a beautiful day
And a world full of hate but i still hold on to a hope for you and me
Yeah i still hold on to this foolish hope
Take it or leave it it's only a matter of life or death
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Well Versed In The Ways Of The World Lyrics

This Providence – Well Versed In The Ways Of The World Lyrics