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Caught Between Lyrics

Thirstbusters – Caught Between Lyrics

Verse 1
Sound the bell
Bid farewell
Walk away
From the place
That is everyday

Holdin tight
It's alright
Moving on
Hear that summer song
Still the past is in replay

Pictures perfect packed away
Will we last? I'll wait to see
I know there's so much more to say
But for now I'll let this be
Because I'm Gone

Forget and be forgotten
We know the ropes will fray
Wish I could break the clock in
Can't close my eyes to yesterday

The fact but not the feeling
When will I cross the line?
All that tomorrow's stealing
Some days I'm caught between

Verse 2
Now and then
I pretend
We're only finger-painting
Somehow there's youth still in the air

Though naпve
I believe
Spent my nights
Working on foresight
So I can prove that I've been there



Never gonna go back
Never gonna have that
Never gonna let you run my day again

But don't know what's out there
Hear it come louder
If only I could get back every hour spent on you
But now you're gone

Singin' Please please please
I can't believe
I'm caught between
I need to make you mine
Oh I can't save time
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