And he told me no no no
You can't rap man
Look... Math class
Couldn't pass that
So I told the teacher lick the ass crack
I'm gonna do music
They laughed
Refining my skills
Sharpening my pen
I got to get it in
If I'm gonna hit it big
And I was bi g...
Every day...

Look at me know
Everybody else better throw in the thaw
They used to... Put me down
Now they see me get the...
And they give me pounds
What was that about?
... I'm here
Shut about
Tom's got a deal
I'm happy now
I got some things to be happy about
Plus big dreams that I'm mapping out

They said I couldn't do it
I said I wouldn't
And now my biggest critics
Are saying I finally did it
I'm grinnin'
I'm grinning with my T pal

Just smiling
Showing my teeth now
Private island
That' were I sleep now [repeats]

My friends...
They said I rap like... The false
I take it like a... Compliment
That's been the verse
And they started shaking like Parkinson
Got Poca Hontes taken off the magazines
John Smith got change the old...
Isn't funny how
They tell me I got a funny style
That's the snick... Cut it out
19 but hungry like I'm running out
Of pride, crime and dime
But I'm sick outta my mind
Tom Hardy
If you don't like the way that I'm rocking
You can pardon me
... I'm working force
Making money with mike... Behind the bars
You are gonna see me sour
Cause when I shut I score
And if it's lucked up
I'm knocking down the door

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I'm Grinnin' Lyrics

Thee Tom Hardy – I'm Grinnin' Lyrics