It's time to rap
You all small time ballers
Neck... Like a caller Waller
Step into the stone Wallace
Call the cops like stolen wallets
Beat the hardest nails no polish
... Academy crew no college
You're mad at me dude?
Go suck it
Super fat pockets
Coming live from my old cottage
And recording in the back
Stupid like no knowledge
No fall back
If your record got a problem
I can solve that
For a fee of course
It would be free but...
I got to... Scratch
Pint house marbles floor
Getting back scratch
They wanna have that
But it's all for me
You'd be amazed of what your girl just offered me
Offended by the... Speak
I'm just doing my job now
Do yours, sweep
When I get in the mood
To... Two tracks
I eat ears color... Snacks
This is the hardest shit that you can ever hear and
The... Smells harder than the epic beard man
Oh brother I don't really now
I ain't got a dime
But I'm getting close
She couldn't believe I agreed to poke
There's a... To the pro
... Nobody I see
Who is doing what I'm doing
Nobody but me
Nobody got the key to success
You know that I'm next
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Epic Beard Man Lyrics

Thee Tom Hardy – Epic Beard Man Lyrics