Can’t seem to erase you
I threw out all the records you’re on
Every week there’s another friend
Who doesn’t know how bad you got
In the heat of a moment
I threw them in the trash
I hope you felt a tingle or a psychic punch or scratch
Keep us in the news feed
Watch as things improve
I hope evil can see this
And you get what you deserve
Never relayed the message, how bad the drinking water got
I wish for you to suffer like I had wished that we would not

I left once, but I’ll stay now, if we promise that I can
I begged her to apologize for what was said inside the van

We can see you in the garden
With the snake under your hair
You don’t hold upon the water, there’s nothing under there

I hope evil can see this, and you get what you deserve

If the things you steal could save you
I would think you're doing well
But they never helped a little bit before
As far as I could tell

Don't forget the footnote some unpaid intern ghostwrote
In your unfinished memoir
About the time you held the world inside your hands
And left it at the bar
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Hilltopper Lyrics

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Hilltopper Lyrics