Why do you put the photo frame face down sometimes when you entertain?
And you scream without making a sound while still embracing the bone
Chilling, vicious rain
The romances in your life are like daggers in your side
As you stumble on a broken path where you know that you should glide

You see lovers slow dancing on the square, the answers to their question in
Each others eyes
And you think of the blue riband affairs, with their subterfuge and
Forgivable little, white lies
The tragedy and the fraud, just working parts of some distant war machine
All the martyred words let slip in the night, what do they really mean?

Are you sure that it’s love that you’re after?
Are you sure it’s love you desire?,
Are you sure that it’s love that you’re after?
Or just a sadness without strings?

You lie clothed in shadows and Prussian blue, there's an endless heartbeat
In your voice
With no-one to hear all the well chosen words, you contemplate your latest
Homesick for a place you've never been before ,and it's out of grasp
This time he will be the one, undo that final clasp

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Prussian Blue Lyrics

The Sons Of Robert Mitchum – Prussian Blue Lyrics