TV took her empathy and nearly doubled up the greed.
“You can never get enough" she said "of all the things that you don’t
I’m making my way, in this barren state
On the right side of the road,
I try to trust in fate

I’m lost in America and I can’t find my feet
I’m dazzled by the glitter and all the things I think it means
I’m lost in America….I’m just trying to find my way
Back to Tennessee you

And the highway tells me where to stay, where to get laid and where to pray

Where to eat and who we beat, who to vote for and where to play
I'm moving through a dream I've never seen before on any silver screen
I’m carried and I’m lured by opportunity


When I'm in the penthouse, but don’t know where I am
A man with stars and stripes on his lapel points me through the Promised
And I laugh and cry on the inside, I’m just a stranger to it all
Won’t you come and save me, come and save me from a fall

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Lost In America Lyrics

The Sons Of Robert Mitchum – Lost In America Lyrics