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No Name Lyrics

The SmashUp – No Name Lyrics

Okay Shut up
The dead guy's got the floor
I might just get emotional so bear with me
Okay shut up we both know the rules
This is a 50 yard death grip dash for fools
And anyone else convinced
Of the divinity of their pee pee

I forgot to scowl in the portrait
That they hung in the lobby by the casket
I forgot the fingering for the barre chords in drop D
I forgot that tattoos don't come off until you're worm's meat
Can't identify me

What the hell will it say upon my grave?
Here lies that son of a bitch not rich or famous
No black graffiti says,
"I live" "am God" or "Save"
You can be sure there'll be no flowers or eternal flame
R.I.P. You no name

No bitmapped reproduction
Spawns my digital progeny
No photographic record to extend me (avenge me!)

I couldashouldawoulda been a star
But the car at the stop light veered to the right
Just slightly east not west
So I guess that's what made me epileptically shake
And miss (spit up at) the audition

I forgot to wear a black t-shirt
To the world so they told me I was different
I took out my earrings for an x-ray of my skull
The holes filled in so quickly
Forming tiny little scabs get the hydrogen peroxide


So long... So long
No one will miss me when I'm gone
My gravesite will be blank and unmarked
And underground alone in the dark
I'll probably be a little pissed that
The world just keeps on spinning like I never exsisted!


You can be sure there'll be no flowers
Or a name upon the stone
All it'll say is "Here lies some dead guy who lived his life alone
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