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Effigy Lyrics

The SmashUp – Effigy Lyrics

Hang this man
Burn this man
Put to death my imperfection
Build me now, a recreation
Pore/scar/wart/mole/roll/style - a straying eye
God is in the details
And don't forget the darkened husks of azure eyes

Somewhere my scarecrow is watching and waiting
Crash through the treeline and hoist him up shaking

I burn the waste of me
I douse in kerosine these eye of birthstone December cauterize
Blight the sky and send my sins on high
In plumes the man I knew takes flight in
Flickered release of beautiful butane blue

Unwashed mass of follicles and folly
Scare, pores and poor decisions
Raise me up: twist the noose:
My abuses are never more to slain
Another life - my war crimes excreted

Somewhere my scarecrow is writhing and wailing
Bellow the furnace and smell my sins melting


Skull heal
Skin peel
Bones wood
Be good

Ember to mannequin of dry timber
Tin hips and leather lips smooth from my lies
My former self painstakingly rendered
Crab-louse coat shorn from wriggling wasteflesh
Wisp and wither

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