I don't see in color I see in frosting vision
My Pastafarian god helps me make decisions
About talking pancakes and cat flavored gods
Only silent songs are played on my iPod
Crossed out lines on the grape vine
You can find him on the longest line
Boring people float in blue toilet water
All the time spent inside your granddaughter (burn)

There's really no chorus cause we forgot to write one
Gotta take a piss now this so called chorus is done

Waterfall the frosting from the Oreo Tube
Then go to Egypt and swim in the noob
Chocolate lemonade on a frosting sun
Hungriness makes the mind go numb
Dorrito's burning on a hot plate of clocks
Burning alive your conscience starts to talk
The information burns through the R.E.M.
All the time spent in the mind of a friend
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Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Cupcake! Lyrics

The Sensitive Nachos – Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Cupcake! Lyrics