It's been a lame three days
And now I want them over
Gonna take some time
To go and recover
Gonna spend my time
Thinking about you
And how you broke my heart
All I wanted was to say hi
Now I hope
That you go away and fucking die
I don't care about you

What the hell?
You broke my fucking heart
Can't you tell?

This is like every pop punk song ever written
Except I'm not Jaret Reddick
And you're not bitching me out

Instead of even talking
You're probably just ignoring me
Running away
Cause you think I'm fucking crazier than Marilyn Manson
Now I can't believe that I ever even fell for you
Wondering why you broke my fucking heart in two
And now I'm running around
Singing love songs like Masked Intruder
Or something...

Maybe I care a little bit
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Alyssa! Lyrics

The Sensitive Nachos – Alyssa! Lyrics