We can be sweet we can be bratz
sometimes we fight like sisters and
make up just like that. We can do
anything that big girlz can do. Yeah
we're gonna show you

But everything we do, we always end
up with trouble. I don't know why it is
we always end up in trouble.Well everything
we try, we always end up with trouble.
Your evry enterprize seems to land us
in trouble.

We can be charming we can be kind.
We can keep secrets that you'll never find.
You know that often grown-up just don't
understand. Sometimes you need to disapear..


We are talking stars, journalists, actors, nurses,
pedicurists, horse groomers, champion riders, news paper
prep- writers, manicurists, dry cleaners, buisness women,
hampster breeders, riders, singers, dancers,spies.


TROUBLE sing it with me again
Once more TROUBLE
just one more time TROUBLE!!
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Trouble Lyrics

The Saddle Club – Trouble Lyrics