Who's that that girl that everybody watches when she walks by
(walks by)
Who's that girl she's get herself together and she's not shy

Whenever we're together and the sun is shining
And there's magic in the air
Cuz we're young and free feel like we can live forever
One, two, three we'll always be together
L. I. F. E. It just keeps getting better enough

What's your dream can you see it in the world that's around you
Don't you know you can be anything that you want to
Anytime there's always a place we can stop by (stop by, stop by)
Walk and talk, telling stories, telling jokes, laugh til we cry


It's not about the way that you look
It's not about the clothes that you wear
It's all about the friends that you have
It's all about the way they care

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L.I.F.E. Lyrics

The Saddle Club – L.I.F.E. Lyrics