There's a dream I can remember
I've dreamt it many nights
A magic creature comes to me
A black stallion horse of flight

With wings of shining ebony
And eyes that look for me
He wears no tack or costume
Strong and beautiful to see

He nuzzles at my neck
He surely wants to ride
I climb onto his back
Before he checks
I'm holding tight...


We canter through a forest so enchanting
Where the people there smile 'cause they're happy
We ride a velvet ride that takes us through a clearing
To the edge of the world

And then we fly through the sky tonight
My friend beats his wings
To a song of power and might
Mystical places of happiness and peace
A wonderland...

My land of dreams.

Dashing over moonbeams
Making lightning in the sky
Racing 'round on saturns rings
Stardust blazes behind

We follow golden rays
And find a brand new day
Oh Pegasus I'll wait for you to come take me away...

Chorus X2

My land of dreams
My land of dreams
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Wonderland Lyrics

The Saddle Club – Wonderland Lyrics