Well I know babe
Might be a sin
The way I drink whiskey
The way I drink gin
But oh! More whiskey in my cup,
Darling a little more gin.
Yea, a little of your lovin' baby
And I'm on the road again.

Well I got back from Maryland
Just the other day
Think I'll head on down south
Back Virginia way
Back to that same city scene when you were holding my hand
You were my sweet little queen
I was your backdoor man.

I got to bed at nighttime
And I rest my eyes in peace
I got all the faith in the world
That no God is watching me
And I whistle as I wander on through this life's adversity
Then I thank myself for all my wealth
For no God giveth unto me.

Mama gave me her eyes
Papa gave me his name
But I earned my reputation
Because I never miss when I take aim

And I come and I go baby, oh baby, just like the tide. You know I love 'em
When I need 'em but I always leave 'em satisified.

Well I know babe
I can't come your way again
They said I drank too much whiskey for you
They said I drank too much gin
Oh! But more whiskey, more whiskey, more whiskey baby, more gin!
Yea, a little bit of, little bit of your loving darling
Put me in the shape I'm in.
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Whisky And Gin Lyrics

The People's Blues Of Richmond – Whisky And Gin Lyrics