Down in Savannah
With the moonlight in my eye
I put a bullet between my baby's breasts
And I left her there to die
I went back to my motel
I laid down in my bed
With my. 44 still smoking underneath my head.

I got to thinking about the deed that I'd done
I knew I was in trouble, I knew I had to run
My gut told me to get out as fast as I could
But I was laughing at Lady Luck
For loving me so good

Well I finally got around to leaving
I pulled out all the stops
I was long gone by evening
I was miles from the cops
I was miles out of trouble when I tripped up on my guilt
I went back to bury my baby
Who the day before I'd killed

When I got back to town, boy, was I surprised
My baby had escaped me
There was no body where she died
I turned around to leave town and guess who was still alive
Yup, my baby and her pistol pointed right between my eyes

Well I probably should've apologized
And begged her for my life,
But I said I'd have shot you town ten more times
Before I ever made you my wife
And I skinned my steel quickly
I put it up to her head
Two shots rang through the city when I shot my baby shot me dead.
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Murder Ballad Lyrics

The People's Blues Of Richmond – Murder Ballad Lyrics