I saw you glance with a freaky smile
Was hypnotised by your lizard eyes
Electric bombs burning in my brain
Pull me in your radar
You give a feeling that I can’t explain
My words are jumbled and I’m not the same
Paralysed from my head to my toes
You zapp me in your radar

I say I’ll never walk alone
You’re clinging to the skin on my bones
Shining down the light on me
Ripping up my heart and soul

The devil makes work for idol hands
Your time is wasted searching for the man
Taking blood for your plastic fame
I get the feeling I can never win

I say I’ll never walk alone
You’re taking everything that I own
Shining down the light on me
Reaching for my heart and soul

I would like to be set free
Take your world with you, not me
You really need to wake from this mind that you’re living in.

You can’T make A fool of me
You’re messing with my heart
You zapp me with your radar
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Heart And Soul Lyrics

The Moons – Heart And Soul Lyrics