I'm over my head
And I think I said something
Under my breath
But I swear it meant nothing
I'd rather be dead
Than let go of this passion
Forget what I said
Cause it's coming up fast

And for now we'll be
The ones on the back seat
We'll never give up
Cause now we know it's not easy
To get what we love
And go all the way to the coast
And give up everything
To sing the songs that we wrote

Now I'm gone
And I'm not stopping 'til they're
Singing our songs
I hope that they understand

North Carolina you know that I wanna
And I'll be coming after you but I've gotta hit
South California before I get to go but
I can't wait to show you just the way we move

So don't pretend that you can help me
Think about it
All this talk is unhealthy
It's making me sick
But I know that you're not worth it
Your time is gone
But the clocks still running

I'm not coming back for you

I'm gone, gone with the beat
I feel it take control of me as my
Heart syncs to 1, 2, 3, 4
I get the feeling that I just might be gone
And I'm not stopping 'til they're singing our songs
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Miles Ahead Lyrics

The Maddigans – Miles Ahead Lyrics