So clear in the summer air
I feel the weight of the atmosphere
As I am wasting rhymes
I'm a poet of my own despair but
You make me happy and it isn't fair
Cause now I'm slurring lines

I hope that I'll be on your mind
Cause you'll be on mine

I don't know what's going on
(My head is spinning but you've got me in your arms)
I don't think I'm drunk
(You make me shiver when it's warm outside)

Your air is unbelievably numb
Take my lips and fill my lungs
You intoxicate me baby

You've got me dancing but I need to sit down
Keep my cool put my feet on the ground
Cause I just need some time
Away from these lights and sounds
It's getting hazy but I think I've found that
I am feeling fine

Talk about a rush now
You've got me shaking
And I just need to sit down
(Sit down baby)
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Intoxicate Me Lyrics

The Maddigans – Intoxicate Me Lyrics