Words are half unspoken
Light is dark and fire is half cold
Your heart is half unbroken
And every rusty dream can turn to gold
I can be half someone else if you
Show me the other half of you

All you flames are frozen
All your pain is there about to explode
You can run forever
But only inside you you can fight the ghost

I can hear the sound of the other you
When I lean my head on you

Anybody hear me?

I will be your shadow
I will drink the tears you swallow down
An invisible halo
Saving you from all the world around

There is just one door I can walk through
It's the one that leads to you

Anybody hear me?

(There's somebody hiding inside me
There's somebody only you can see
That somebody is you completing me
Let it be free)

There's somebody hiding inside you
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The Other You Lyrics

The Lovecrave – The Other You Lyrics