We run we move from town to town
So tired my make up's melting down
The Daylight's coming as we drive
It is my world it is my live
We run
You're sure that we will fade away
I hear you laughing as you say
"Nobody makes it anyway"
But we can't lie
If we are made to die
Then we will die
No you can't tell you don't know how it feels
You don't know how it's breaking me
(Can you hear me?)
You think you can sell all the tears that I bleed
You don't know how it's killing me
(Can you hear me?)
Burning like ice cause this can't be my place
Right between hell and paradise
(Can you hear me?)
This is your world and I'll show you my rage
Look at me can you hear my voice?
You live we burn yeah it's ok
But if we turn into Butterflies
Tied hands become beautiful wings
Then start to run cause you can't win
The push inside will find it's way
Will burn exploding to your face
Music inside of me will be
The sound of rain
The sound of life
You'll need it to survive
We'll win the war... We lose it.
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Can You Hear Me? Lyrics

The Lovecrave – Can You Hear Me? Lyrics