The Vargr Moon's at height
The sun that shines at night
I'm dead in the sand

The gene that drives the beast
Still rises in the east
Bisecting the strand

A caravan of thieves
Inhuman and diseased
I'm at their command

And so my fate is sealed
The Vargr plan's revealed
Dissection of man

Muscles twitch -incisions deep
Splice the gene -bisect the strand

I feel the x-rays on my brain
Dissection cannisters, alien's bane
I feel the x-rays on my cerebral cortex

Slowly growing canine teeth
Biting me out of the chains
Testing out the spores on me

The Vargr moon's at height
Escape's in route tonight
I'm leaving the sand

Revenge is what I seek
My mission's incomplete
Bisecting the strand
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Vargr Moon Lyrics

The Lord Weird Slough Feg – Vargr Moon Lyrics