When I was young and virile
With witches I would run
When Cathbad took my arm and said:
"Don't stare into the sun, boy
Don't stare into the sun
The fire will burn your eyes boy
Don't stare into the sun"

So I was bound upon the walls
Inside the burial mound
For three long days and three long nights
I didn't see the sun, no
I didn't see the sun
The darkness cloaked my eyes
And I couldn't see the sun

And then they lifted the stone
And Cathbad rose from his throne
A branch of red had stung the eyes of
Heroes he had known
A shaft of shimmering light
That burned my eyes with it's might
Came piercing through the hole upon the roof
At winter's height

And so the round hall took me in
Warped warriors everyone
A hero-harness worn by all
We fought beneath the sun, yes
We fought beneath the sun
The fire burned our backs as we
Fought beneath the sun

I soon decided to stride
Across a river so wide
To a hut upon the far shore of the
King's own chosen bride
She took me into her lair
We rolled like thunder in there
But after several visits the King's guards
Became aware

They broke down the door
And stepped in the room
And found us together in her bed
They chained me outside
Before I could hide
And told me the King would have my head
I gathered my strength
To pull at the chains
And slowly the pole began to rise
Up out of the ground, not even a sound
I broke away fast as lightning

Now I run across the plains
My fortune is my bane
I've nowhere left to hide
I'm trembling inside
I pray to Mother earth
To offer me rebirth
But bad tastes in my mouth
Turn all my footsteps south
Where Drunes abuse her power
And turn her soil sour
Is where I have to go
With Crom Cruach from below
And Carnun from above
I've wasted all for love
But when the King is dead
I'll go back to my tribe
And claim my rightful bride
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The Red Branch Lyrics

The Lord Weird Slough Feg – The Red Branch Lyrics