Circling 'round to my lair
We come in packs so beware

Marching in this labyrinth village
Troll-king claims his maverick home
Wretching in his cavernous castle
Chewing on flesh, gnawing on bones!

Creeping fast through my halls
Scraping blood from the walls

Games and crafts performed by my fathers
Tossing heads of curious dwarfs
Called us cruel and heartless marauders
Invading our caves, starting our wars

Burn the path to my lair

Around each corner they bark
Red eyes
They glow like jewels in the dark

Troglodytes are curious creatures
Marching through reptilian realms
Smell the blood of human invaders
Feast on their limbs, bury their helms

Chopping limbs from the beasts
Bathed in the blood of the priest

Slaughtering this humanoid village
Females kneel and bark at my throne
Wretching in my cavernous castle
Chewing on flesh, gnawing on bones!
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Troll Pack Lyrics

The Lord Weird Slough Feg – Troll Pack Lyrics