Life in the dark age has you living in scorn
Drinking beer in the kitchen out of a horn
Evil vs. Medieval
Curse to live this life the day you were born

Trapped in a basement room for seven long years
Molten metal will rise up out of the tears
Mortal vs. Immortal
14, 235 beers

Months of empty silence stifle your screams
Uninspired wretches living your dreams
Anger vs. Headbanger
Bound and gagged the mutants travel in teams

Zombies live in fear of changing their dance
Scared that life will break them out of their trance
Human and all too human
Lost all hope for this dull race to advance

Wretches masses they won't see our demise
From this dark age hibernation we'll rise
Human is all too human
In the end they'll cower hearing our cries
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Life In The Dark Age Lyrics

The Lord Weird Slough Feg – Life In The Dark Age Lyrics