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Overrated Existence Lyrics

The Last Felony – Overrated Existence Lyrics

Apathy is divine. The day I stopped caring I became god and this world's
Secrets opened themselves up to me. ''Why are we here?'' Well, where the fuck
Else would you be you dumb motherfucker? If their was a God, do you really
Think he'd give a fuck about you? You'd just be like a useless little ant to
Him. Life exists because the only alternative is absolutely fucking nothing,
And if you were nothing you couldn't really realize it now could you? Not that
You've really amounted to anything. Pop out a couple of kids to gain a false
Sense of immortality like you were programmed to and move the fuck on. We blind
Ourselves to what is truly going on here because we can't accept it's immense
Simplicity. Life is not a miracle, it's a daily occurrence. The only
Astonishing facet of it is the astonishing amount of bullshit we feed ourselves
To make it seem so much more grand, so much more epic. You are who you are
Because you had to be someone, and it just happened to fall on the ugly prick
Known as you, the randomness of it all is cheapened by the fact that it happens
A thousand times every fucking day. I know what they say, every snowflake is
Completely unique... but once it falls on the ground it's just fucking snow, and
You're flesh and bones, just fucking human like everyone else. So find yourself
A reason to live, just remember that beyond the confines of your mind, that
Reason is without value. If it keeps you motivated to go on, good, but be
Honest with yourself about what you are truly doing: you're just finding a way
To pass the time 'til you die.
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