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Do Not Defend Me Lyrics

The Last Felony – Do Not Defend Me Lyrics

You don't have to agree with anything I say. You have every right to hate me,
But for fuck's sakes do not defend me. You do not know me, and most of these
Songs are probably about people just like you. The last thing you ever want to
Do is try to psychoanalyze me, it's not because every action you ever committed
Was a direct reaction to the fact that a family member touched you 'down there
' when you were a kid that it's the same for everyone, some of us actually
Manage to get over our daddy issues instead of going through life as a
Pathetic attention whore, and you can't really blame your father, I wouldn't of
Hugged you either you fat, ugly bitch. I'm not putting up a front, and any
Limits I impose upon myself are for your own safety, not mine. Don't waste your
Time telling me to be true to myself, because this is what I believe, and if we
Were actually true to our inner-self we'd be slaves to our animal instincts and
All we'd ever do is eat, sleep and fuck. By your logic, the people who listen
Most to the little voice inside their heads would be junkies, living only to
Find their next fix, even if it means sucking some faggot's c***. Is that
Really who you want to use as a role model? It's what you decide to do that
Establishes who you are, and I've decided to be a miserable motherfucker here
To point out everything that's wrong with everything and everyone, even though
I have no tangible solution to offer you... Other than killing yourself that is,
You useless piece of shit. Inside this asshole shell I've created for
Protection, is an even bigger asshole just wishing he could come out and kill
You. You're the ones who need protecting, not me.
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