The one monkey there in the Cleveland zoo
Revolution leader to the primate crew
Smoking a cigar in a three piece suit
Hands in his pockets while the apes accumulate
Analyzing every way to make the break
Any one mistake and it's no escape
He said to himself as he gazed at the mass
I'll need to train these monkeys to obliterate man
Punch slap turn around ninja kick yeah
With the break of day arriving and an army of apes
Slipping on bananas and choking on grapes
His mind lost focus as he turned away

Revolution, time has called for evolution
Revolution whoa
Primate leader fighting to make monkeys freer
Primate leader whoa

Then one little monkey, small but wise
Called out as the apes began to rise
He said, "Hey monkeys how can we survive?"
All this time we have come to rely
On zookeeper Bob and that other guy
If we break out now we would sacrifice
Revolution leader just laughed and said
"Listen little monkey" as he scratched his head
"For thousands of years our species has fed"
Well now we have to choose between the two
Picking our own fruit or having lunch at the zoo
Well the most important thing is our revolution

But some of the monkeys at the Cleveland zoo
Didn't carry the right attitude
They didn't want to give up all the free food
They looked to their leader, all they could see
Was a monkey shouting anarchy
And they gathered their friends to mutiny
What a crime
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Revolution Leader Lyrics

The Karkadens – Revolution Leader Lyrics