They tell me "better a captain at sea, than commoner bound by the shores"
No mercy can ever compare to the winds that have filled my sails east and fore
A merry life won't make the years, but years come and go. I don't miss them
Out here I have found that the hours are far from consistent
Now merry and short it shall be

Maties! Hats off to the halter, and all those who live to wear it
But for me I foresee pushing daisies from under the sea
So I'll see you dance with the mast, cause the hours are past for a recant
By this time of night I'm afraid my heart has grown distant
Well I decree on this night "merry and short it shall be!"

Me hearties, don't let go your pride, and never disparage cunning
For it's wit that'll carry us to the vengeance that quenches the appetence that
Entrenches our hearts and curves the seas. And so it shall be
Our lives, merry and short
Merry and short they shall be
Me hearties, I foresee, merry and short they shall be
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Merry And Short Lyrics

The Karkadens – Merry And Short Lyrics