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Die Polizei Lyrics

The Karkadens – Die Polizei Lyrics

Flashing lights and the gun in your hand
I wanna kill kill kill when I smell bacon
Got my own set of quotas for pigs and the law
One cop, two cop, dead cop brawl
I'm just doing my duty to the lower class man
To break you, send you to the justice system
So why don't beat down another black American
And seal your fate in fire burning, dying next to Satan

And as the police grow
Pack the anthrax, seal the envelope
Let's kill the enemy
Beat the 5-0 down like Rodney king
Cause here there's no mercy
We're out to kill the pigs in blue, let's go

Tell me how you justify discrimination
Cause I can't seem to find any explanation
For passes that exempt the few from facing consequences
Merely cause they know a cop they're treated like they're princes
Above the law yah? Look again
Repeating the life of your worthless old man
Your drunken father back was home always preaching
Morals and trash to the future police men

Let's go and paint this country black
And glitter it with anthrax
We're rising up to slay the pigs
Burn the prisons down, kill the president
We're storing up on gasoline
Official beverage of anarchy
We're gonna rid the world of blue
Shoot the sheriff first, kill the deputy too
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