You cut our ropes, left the umbilical
And now I carry around this weight of broken hope
And I can’t retrace and I lost my hold
And blame myself 'cause that is all I’ve ever known

And your face shows doubt
When your head feels the wake of the sorrow
Swore to me that you could live without
Then the beg turns to take turns to borrow
Help me down, I just want this out
When you bend, when you break, when you follow
So you cut me out

Then you cut our ropes, left the umbilical
And now I’m lost and I can’t take this path back home
Send a birthday card, leave a one-way note
I lied, I’m sorry, this isn’t easy, I don’t know

And you’d ask me to “open your walls to this”
But I’m scared, fingers broken
And ill-prepared to let this drag out

When you forgot the words to our song
When you can’t remember names, it's been too long
When you stopped asking what was wrong
All the pressure built up it was too strong
(I can't make this better
It fell out of my hands because
I just wasn't built to hold on)
And I can’t remember names its been too long
And I can’t find your face in the crowd

I made a promise, said my eyes would stay shut
Through something called the scope of all of this rebuilding
I broke when I entered, displaced from the center
I can’t find my way around this
My wounds healed while my fingers fixed
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The Scope Of All Of This Rebuilding Lyrics

The Hotelier – The Scope Of All Of This Rebuilding Lyrics