I am tearing up pieces of old news
To mend all the leaks in
My open wounds
They're telling you everything

But it's okay
I've felt this before
But trust me there's nothing
On the other side of the door
Or at least nothing more

I'm just jealous because you fell out of love
With the one thing that you always seemed to be so free of
If you can't find comfort in what we should have known
Then i guess we're better on our own

It's life's lesson taught a little too well
The only thing you have forever is always kept in its cell
You know we won't find comfort if we're both on our own
So let's make the best of the time we're shown

So proposed
How does light seep into a mind so closed?
You're only focused on what glows
And its been burning holes in hearts-
Planning lives before they start
There's only three points to home;
Grow Work Alone
There must be something
We can't be carved in stone

Now it's pulling us apart
It's taken us, shaken us
I feel like i have mistaken us
As simple things, with wedding rings
Abandoning what our future brings
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Southern Discomfort Lyrics

The Hotelier – Southern Discomfort Lyrics