You were born on a leap year
Fill in the gaps
Spinning gears keep catching your cracks
Skipping teeth
Keep calling you back
Telling stories pretending they’re fact
Let me go. Too unstable to wane
Chewing wildflowers to numb the pain

Cut the lines. You’ll be fine
But if you break when I break, will you carry me away?
Will you fall on your blade just to hear when I’m saying I can’t?

You came out. Started bruising
Find it tough to admit when your losing
Oh, what should i think?
Carefully crafted commercial disaster
They take what you’re after to get what they want out of you

Dissociate from touch
You’re tilting to pull the others with you
Posed shakespearean skull, we see in different pictures
You play the imperial
Stealing the power to waste away
You took the comfort from the lights in her soul
Projected map of the body:
It's crass, abject, colonial
You passed disease presented to you at birth
Held underwater told to scream your self worth
It wasn’t good enough
Entrust the secrets to the backs of your arms
Killing the self as to protect it from harm

"What would you do if someone hurt your best friend's feelings to the point where they become insane?"
"I would say something that made them stop, or I would just text him and try not to let the bully touch them, just try to block them from doing that. If I got punched, that's okay because, it's not okay because, I would try and get the other person safe, cause I was only in the middle of it. But I would try and help somebody not get hurt"
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Among The Wildflowers Lyrics

The Hotelier – Among The Wildflowers Lyrics