Oh sweet soul,
Yes sweetest soul,
Sweet the eyes that look upon me,
Sweet the eyes that do not see,
Music played, Music heard,
Sweet song like the bird,
Running softly through my mind,
Your spoken words are so kind,

~~And no one should have to die,
They ask me why,
And I say I,
I want everything,
Faith, love, and friends,
It is everything,
Until the end,
Until He takes down the sky,
And I say I,
I need everything,
Oh everything is You~~

Oh sweet soul,
Yes sweetest soul,
Look at me,
I want thee,
So take these hands,
Put them in your own,
Take me to my home,
It seems so far away,
A step closer each day,


Oh sweet soul,
You dig right through me,
Oh sweet soul,
You are everything I need,
Sweet soul,
You are the one,
You are the one,
Sweet soul,
Help me out down here,
Full of fear,
You're the perfect thing, [Chorus:]
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Sweet Soul Lyrics

The Gyros – Sweet Soul Lyrics