If you're a rose,
I'm the thorn,
I prick your finger,
I make it torn,
The beauty of your petals,
Can't take away these thorns, these pricks,
But the beauty of your love,
Outshines all my ugliness,

~You see the beauty in the ugliest things,
You take my heart and make it sing,
Blue eyed wonder,
Rolling thunder,
It's all the same,
I hear you call my name,
You're calling me to your side,
It's going to be alright~

When I fall,
I know you will pick me up,
When I call,
I know you will pick me up,
Sometimes I forget,
That's when I lose it,
You're when I lose it,
In the beauty of your love,
Reach out my fingertips,
Can you feel the corner of my lips,


It's the same hum,
Yeah He's everywhere,
It's alright,
It's alright,
It's okay,
The Spirit moves in mysterious ways,
Bono knows,
He's found a reason to show,
What makes you go,

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Rolling Thunder Lyrics

The Gyros – Rolling Thunder Lyrics