When I first met you my baby, I said come with me.
We gotta driven movie to see.
Than a couple weeks later after our cold stone cabour
We became you and me.
Still to this day, I can hardly wait...
To be in the same room as you.
I can't believe you're mine and everytime that you smile, you light up the room.
A couple months went by, than out of that movie one night... We had the best time; me and you.
Than on your trampoline you told me you loved me; & I said I loved you too.
The stars above shine brightly on us, we knew they were happy to see...
Two kids so inlove, that there was no other place they would rather be.
And this is our story, the story you knew, of me and how I belong to you...
... Of our story. A story you knew of how we will make it through.
More time flew by, and we wonder why... So fast, because I graduated.
You had to left, which was ok except; but if I kept you seperated.
I miss you more everyday. I was torn because my heart was left with you in fortworth.
I sang you my lines, we had so many good times. More than anyone on this earth.

This is our story, the story you knew. Of me and how I belong to you. Of our story.
A story you knew, of how we will make it through.
Soon comes the day, I'll look apon in dismay. The day when you drive three hours away.
You'll be there to stay, you'll make such good grace. And we'll talk on the phone everyday.
You'll ask how I'm doing, and I'll say I'm doing okay.
But you know that I'm not.
I'll say don't cry baby... Real soon baby, I can visit you and kiss you a lot.
Because I love you so much, and no one can touch us. Because we have all that we need.
Three years of memories, and going on four... It means everything to me.
It means everything to me.
It means everything to mee.

& it's always been you. You're what I've waited for.
& you shine; you shine so bright.
Everyone adores you. You light up their lives.
Overcoming mountain, a little at a time.
We struggle, but we're doing fine.
& there's no place I'd rather be, than here with you fighting the best we can.
& this is our story... It's our story.
These songs paint a picture, of me & you.
And there's no need to worry, there's plenty of writing left to do...
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Memories Lyrics

The Follow Through – Memories Lyrics