I've been in one place for way too long
And I gotta g-g-g-get out, get out
I need a new day so I can do
What I need to do to feel complete
But I don't know how
And time is running out, time is running out
And now I am restless
Cause nothin's going my way
So I'll just wait
Until my time has come
I'll keep on runnin'
Til the race is run
And no I won't be
Brought down by this world
I'll sing it out until I'm supposed to be heard
And when they point their fingers
And try to pull me down
I won't be weakened by it
Instead I'll turn around
To face the sky and sing
Until my lungs are out of air
They may be laughing but I don't care
Cause I'm doing what you want me to do
And that's never gonna change now
I'm doing what you want me to do
And I will sing it out
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Gotta Get Out Lyrics

The Follow Through – Gotta Get Out Lyrics