At the end of the day can you say
With one hundred percent certainty, that you're free
That the choices you made, were made selfishly
Satisfaction is real, and everything you feel
Is felt because you made it so
And you chose the direction you wanted to go
Something spoke to you
And it was then that you knew
That your life had become your own
You've claimed back your life as your own

Take back your life as your own.

The times with not block you
The tide will not rock you
This world was wrong when it said it could stop you
Sick of the fight, and you saw the light
I'll never forget when you called me that night
Your home is where your heart is
And your heart is on your sleeve
And everything you wanted, and everything you need
Is yours now, yours now, not that you're free
It's yours now, yours now, you're where you need to be

I won't fear change
With blood in my throat
I'm moving on today
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Opus Lyrics

The Flaming Tsunamis – Opus Lyrics