Nerve damage and dead skin, looks like this week my boss wins again
Didn't get that respect, no, didn't get that raise in my paycheck
I'll get ahead next week, but tonight I'm having trouble trying to sleep
Cigarettes and coffee, these addictions tear apart my insides

And when I'm gone you'll find someone new
To kill themselves like you forced me to

No, I can't get my health back and
Now, I want my old life back
While, you count your money stack
As, I ice my broken back

Paint thinner in a fresh wound, can't fight these infections in my body
Gonna get outta here real soon, I miss the sun and I'm getting pretty sick of the moon
9 to 5 will make you lose your head, 7 to 7 and you're probably better off dead
Sick of kneeling on concrete, but I need the money and I got to make ends meet.
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Cancer Swing Lyrics

The Flaming Tsunamis – Cancer Swing Lyrics