I grew watching my family bleed from the tired cracks in their hands
That were calloused by their future needs and a concept of and american plan.
Where everyone can make it to the top after spending years as the footing
And being covered with the shit that's dropped
While this impudence is viewed by our children.
They keep us numb with past times and poisons and injections.
To prolong the cruelness, but we need to exploit our own compulsions
Instead of letting our offspring adopt this.
We're stuck being the root of their profits watching them all get their entitlements.
Still there's not a dime in our pockets, and what's worse is that we don't feel fulfillment.
Our manufactured dreams and expectations are controlling the way we lead our lives.
It's stripping us from our compassion and leaving vengeance as our drives.
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Steps Ahead Lyrics

The Effort – Steps Ahead Lyrics