Just think of what we could accomplish,
If we all put our minds together,
There would be nothing to abolish,
And company through nasty weather,
But the message I send puts a price on my head,
Instead of dancing we should put,
Our minds first, if you stop and listen to the meaning,
You'll find out how much they're worth,
It's worth more than, your new kicks, or a ticket to see gorilla biscuits,
It's worth more than AN merch,
Or whoever is cooler because they came first, (who comes first)
We're too caught up in the worldly objects,
And we're too involved in the mindless gossip,
When the possessions you buy own you isn't that a hint,
That we are living backwards,
And when this whole system revolves around marketing,
Isn't it a clue that we're now the product,
But I'm done with all of it, why don't you follow me,
Take my hand and quit
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A Price On My Head Lyrics

The Effort – A Price On My Head Lyrics