It was the Holy Roman Empire’s final afternoon
The waning Caesar leaned against his golden throne
He saw the seven hills and seven seas and
Issued one final decree
A survey given all of Rome
I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here
Please rate it on a scale of one to five here
Five is highest, so you’ll please say five here
Please say five, please say five
Please say five for me

The Visigoths, in stupid uniforms, lined up at the gates
They were just violent, no refinement or good taste
That’s when Caesar wept, ‘cause Caesar knew
Sometimes that’s all you can do
For the hour was getting late
We’re fading like the Holy Roman Empire
I wish I would have held you closer
I wish I’d kept more so I could remember
Remember you, remember you
Please remember me

We were glorious, powerful
We were fortunate, beautiful
We were fearless and invincible
We were careless and corruptible
What we had was lost in fire
Like the Holy Roman Empire

A star was shining over Bethlehem and everybody’s bags and mules
Were packed and they were bound for Christendom
Caesar tried to take the high road so
He said, ‘That’s cool, you’re moving on—
But hell if we didn’t have some times! '
Now sing for Rome
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Holy Roman Empire Lyrics

The Diving Bell – Holy Roman Empire Lyrics