Your heart is a muscle that can’t break
That’s just an excuse indulgent people like to make
The heart can atrophy; you can get heart disease
But it doesn’t snap, it’s more a fade

I’ll go get us drinks they make by hand
It’s a long, strange show and you should come and stand
But you’re on your phone; you’d rather be alone
I will watch you watch the DJ spin

The tender heart softly weeps
The bold heart burns, it's soul ablaze
But hearts can’t break
I want to burn your clothes and car
I want you close here in my arms
But hearts don’t break

Your heart is an organ that you play
It’s an instrument without much tact or subtlety
When I feel your breath along my face and neck
There is power and energy
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Heart Can't Break Lyrics

The Diving Bell – Heart Can't Break Lyrics