I've been corrupted by this evil temptation
This indulgent disease crawling into my bones
I've been crippled by the pull of persuasion
I've been polluted this terrifying world I've been shown

You think you're strong enough
You can't be serious

I'm dying to be there
I'm longing to be where
I will live forever
I'm calling to you now
I'm holding my hands out
And I pray it won't be long
Before you make a stand
To reach the promised land

I've got the answer but I keep on denying
My hypocritical ways are driving me insane
I've been addicted and the world was supplying
But now I've realised for me to die is gain

You think you're good enough
You can't be serious

Who will rise and who will fall
Will you be there after all
Live forever hear my call

The time is near there's an angel standing by
But I won't fear You will always be my guide
And who would sacrafice himself for me
So I can live my life eternally

Great is Your name
Great is Your love
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Dying To Be There (Great Is Your Name) Lyrics

The Band With No Name – Dying To Be There (Great Is Your Name) Lyrics